Historic Savannah Inventory Ward Notebooks

Between 1962 and 1966, under the leadership of the Historic Savannah Foundation (HSF), the Historic Savannah Architectural Inventory was completed, documenting all the wards and neighborhoods within Savannah's National Historic Landmark District. This field survey resulted in approximately 2,000 survey cards with approximately 1,500 supporting photographs documenting historic buildings and sites. The survey was used as the basis for HSF's publication Historic Savannah (Savannah: Historic Savannah Foundation, Inc., 1968). Since then, this important publication has been updated and republished with two additional editions (1979 and 2005), adding to the original survey of historic buildings in Savannah.

In partnership with HSF, the City of Savannah Municipal Archives is digitizing HSF's Historic Savannah Architectural Inventory Ward Notebooks which include the original field survey cards and photographs collected in the 1960s for research use by the public.  As volumes are digitized they will be added to this site. Background information on the methodology of the survey is available in the first edition of Historic Savannah (Savannah: Historic Savannah Foundation, Inc., 1968; excerpts provided online courtesy of Historic Savannah Foundation).

Credit Line: Courtesy of the City of Savannah Municipal Archives on behalf of the Historic Savannah Foundation.