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From the V. & J. Duncan Postcard Collection


Municipal Archives Digital Image Catalog

The Digital Image Catalog includes select digital images of photographs, postcards, maps, etc. from our archival collections.

Municipal Archives Digital Image Catalog

Major collections featured in the Digital Image Catalog include:

Note:  Only a portion of our archival holdings are currently digitized and new  digital images will be added to the catalog over time.

Free Persons of Color Register


City Records Available on

Several of the City's collections have been  made available to the public on-line through to increase  their availability and access to those unable to visit Savannah in  person.

To start searching and using these collections online, please visit

Collections currently available through

  • Savannah, Georgia, Vital Records, 1803-1966
  • Savannah, Georgia, Cemetery and Burial Records, 1852-1939
  • Savannah, Georgia, Cemetery Burial Lot Cards, 1807-1995
  • Savannah, Georgia, Court Records, 1790-1934
  • Savannah, Georgia, Land Tax & Property Records, 1809-1938
  • Savannah, Georgia, Naturalization Records, 1790-1910
  • Savannah, Georgia, Records of Titles, 1791-1971
  • Savannah, Georgia, Registers of Free Persons of Color, 1817-1864
  • Savannah, Georgia, Voter Records, 1856-1917
  • Savannah, Georgia, City Council Minutes, 1790-1900

1855 Annual Report

Pages from 1855[1].jpg

Savannah City Codes

City Ordinances passed by City Council are recorded in the Ordinance Books in the Clerk of Council’s Office. Periodically, the City publishes all the ordinances on the books at a given point of time, as well as the current City Charter, as the City Code. The Municipal Archives retains copies of Savannah’s historical City Code books. The earliest published City Code dates from 1854 and includes City ordinances regulating the activities of slaves and free persons of color, as well as laws pertaining to the public market, the scavenger department, and more.

Historic Savannah Inventory Ward Notebooks

In partnership with the Historic Savannah Foundation (HSF), the Municipal Archives has digitized HSF’s Historic Savannah Architectural Inventory Ward Notebooks which include surveys of Savannah’s neighborhoods, by ward and lot, for research use by the public. 

Historic Savannah Inventory Ward Notebooks

First City Network News

In partnership with the Savannah LGBT Center, the Municipal Archives has digitized the First City Network's Network News to document the history of Savannah's LGBTQ community and make this resource available for research use by the public.

First City Network Network News

Broughton Street, postmarked 1909, V. & J. Duncan Postcard Collection, Item 46

1121-057_Item046 copy.jpg

Broughton Street Through Time

Broughton Street, postmarked 1909

V. & J. Duncan Postcard Collection, Item 46.

Stroll down Broughton Street, Savannah's "Main Street," through time by visiting our gallery of images from the City's archival collections, including items from the V. & J. Duncan Postcard Collection (courtesy of V. & J. Duncan Antique Maps & Prints), the Municipal Archives Postcard Collection, and the Municipal Archives Photograph Collection. The images span the 1890s through 1960s, and show changes in transportation and business over time, as well architectural styles and building facades.

Broughton Street through Time Photo Gallery


Savannah Riverfront, August 1973

View selected images from the Riverfront Urban Renewal Project designed by Gunn & Meyerhoff A.I.A., Architects collection (Record Series 1121-056), featuring River Street and Factors' Walk in August 1973 before the project revitalized Savannah's historic waterfront.

Savannah Riverfront Image Gallery

Stained Glass Inner Dome, Library of Congress, HABS, GA, 26-SAV, 61-28


Savannah City Hall Architectural Drawings

The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) collection, cared for by the Library of Congress, includes documentation of the City Hall of Savannah, Georgia. Collected around 1981, the City Hall HABS project (HABS, GA, 26-SAV, 61) includes forty-two black and white photographs, twelve data pages, and one photo caption page. The photographs include contemporary views of the building, as well as photographs of the plans and elevations drawn by Hyman W. Witcover, architect, circa 1904, during the planning and construction of City Hall (the original drawings are housed in the City of Savannah Municipal Archives). The data pages include a brief history of the building and a thorough description of its materials, and architectural style and details.

Savannah City Hall HABS Collection Online

Mayor John Houstoun


Biographies of Former City of Savannah Mayors

The Special Collections department of Armstrong Atlantic State University's Lane Library has digitized selected papers from the Savannah Biographies collection. The Savannah Biographies collection includes unedited student research papers, and includes several biographies of former Savannah mayors.

List of Savannah mayors included in this collection.
Savannah Biographies Collection Online

Automobile Registration Books, 1909-1919

Sub-series 5600CL-320 Automobile Registration Books (1909-1910, 1913-1917, 1919) includes six volumes documenting vehicle registration during the beginning of the automobile age. The volumes, maintained by the City of Savannah's Clerk of Council's Office, include: registration date; registration number; name and residence of owner; and style of automobile. Entries are arranged numerically by registration number. The responsibility of handling vehicle registrations was transferred to the Chief of Police by City ordinance on December 31, 1919.