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Only a portion of our archival holdings are currently digitized and new content is added regularly. Visit the Collections page for more information about our full holdings and direct links by collection to digitized content.


Municipal Archives Digital Image Catalog

The Digital Image Catalog includes select images digitized from our archival collections as well as born digital collections. Open the whole catalog to search across all collections included. 

Major collections featured in the Digital Image Catalog include:

City Records Available Digitally by Collection

Visit the Collections page for more information about our full holdings and direct links by collection to digitized content. All digital collections are linked from their collection entry on the Collections page. [Note: You are currently on the Digital Collections page which provides digital collections highlights and links to our external digital collections partners.]

City Records Available on

Several of the City's collections useful to researchers of genealogy and property research (including birth, marriage, death, burial, court, and tax records) have been made available to the public online through to increase public access.

City Records Available through the Digital Library of Georgia

Several of the City's collections have been made available to the public online through the Digital Library of Georgia to increase public access, including: maps and surveys; oral history projects; annual reports; Mayor's Office records; and Park and Tree Commission minutes.

Savannah City Codes, 1854-2003

City Ordinances passed by City Council are recorded in the Ordinance Books in the Clerk of Council’s Office. Periodically, the City publishes all the ordinances on the books at a given point of time, as well as the current City Charter, as the City Code. Digitized City Code Books

Voices of Savannah

Visit the Voices of Savannah page to view oral history recordings across the Municipal Archives Savannah Community Memory Projects (including Savannah History Round-Up Days, the Proud Savannah History Project, and the City of Savannah Leadership Oral History Project). Voices of Savannah

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Savannah, Georgia 

Sanborn maps (RS 8126-007, 1955-1973) show the size, shape, and construction of dwellings, commercial buildings, and factories, as well as fire walls, locations of windows and doors, sprinkler systems, sewer systems, and types of roofs. The maps also indicate widths and names of streets, property boundaries, building use, and house and block numbers. Digitized Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.

First City Network News

In partnership with the First City Pride Center, the Municipal Archives has digitized the First City Network's Network News to document the history of Savannah's LGBTQ+ community and make this resource available for research use by the public. First City Network Network News

Digital Policies and Harmful Language Statement: 

Researchers may download images for personal or educational use if the provided credit line is included.
All use of images for commercial or non-profit products must be requested from the Municipal Archives through the Permission to Reproduce form.

To review the Municipal Archives’ Harmful Language Statement and Take Down Policy, or to access the Permission to Reproduce form, please visit our Digital Policies page.