Garden of Fragrance in Forsyth Park

The Garden of Fragrance originally began in 1959 by the Garden Club Council of Chatham County, and was dedicated April 3, 1963. Mr. Georges Bignault designed the garden for his final work as a Landscape Architect.

Surrounded by three wells to help contain the fragrance of the many scented plants, the garden's fourth side is an ornamental iron fence. The entrance to the garden is enhanced by beautiful iron gates from the Old Union Station. These gates were erected in memory of Frances Smith Littlefield by members of her garden club and friends.

Throughout the years the garden began to sufffer from neglect. In 2002 the Park and Tree Department in collaboration with the Trustees Garden Club and the Junior League began much needed renovations. Yearly pressure washings were scheduled in addition to painting, and installation of new fragrant plant materials. The Trustees Garden Club also provided an endowment of $5000.00 for the future upkeep of this lovely and aromatic garden.

Hours to visit the Garden are Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Closed Holidays and Weekends