Filming Regulations

Section 11.01  Permitted Filming/Photography Allowed 

Persons are allowed to film/photograph cemetery scenery for personal use.

No photographs or video of any cemetery shall be published without permission of the Director of Cemeteries.

Permission is required from the owner of any structure on any cemetery lot that is to be photographed or filmed for the purpose of publishing.

Section 11.02  Filming Operation 

These rules pertain to the entire filming/photography operation from setup to cleanup and anytime a person from any organization involved with the filming is on the site. All operations shall be conducted in accordance with these rules and regulations. No exemptions are expressed or implied. All operations shall be conducted under the supervision of the Director of Cemeteries or his or her representative.

Section 11.03  Locations Manager 

All filming/photography operations must have a single contact person responsible for the filming operation.

The locations manager must be familiar with and agree to abide by all rules, regulations, and special requirements.

The locations manager will be held accountable if any violations of the rules, regulations, or special requirements occur during film/photography production.

Section 11.04  Permit Required 

All persons wishing to film/photograph in a municipal cemetery must request a filming/photography permit at least one (1) week in advance of filming/photography.

A permit will not be issued until the locations manager visits the sites to be filmed/photographed with the Director of Cemeteries or his or her representative and reviews all of the scenes that will be filmed.

The locations manager must also submit a brief narrative of the scene(s) to be filmed/photographed, a transportation plan, and any specialized equipment for review by the Director of Cemeteries or his or her representative.

The dates and times must be confirmed and all fees paid before a permit will be issued.

Any changes in the schedule will require an additional permit and additional fees if applicable.

Section 11.05  Film/Photography Permit Fees 

Filming/photography permits will be assessed a fee as established by the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah.

Film permit fees are nontransferable and nonrefundable.

An additional film permit fee will be charged for each additional scene that will have more than thirty (30) crew members present at the same time

Section 11.06  Restrictions 

Filming/photography of any areas within the cemetery not specifically preapproved will result in the cancellation of the film/photography permit and any future permits requested by the filming/photography operations company.

Permission for any noncompliant activities must be requested during the permitting process, and, if approved, must be included on the approved film/photography permit.

Section 11.07  Film/Photography Crews 

All production persons, actors, coordinators, technicians, and support persons involved with the filming/photography must answer to the locations manager.

If it is necessary for crews to be located at different scenes at any given time, an additional film/photography permit fee will be charged for each additional scene.

Section 11.08  Trespassing 

All persons and equipment must stay on roadways or in general areas of the cemetery and shall not trespass on any cemetery lot without the permission of the owner or heir to the burial rights of that lot.

The locations manager will be held accountable for any damage to public or private property.

Section 11.09  Restoration 

Any areas modified by the filming/photography operation must be fully restored to its condition prior to filming/photography operations.

All equipment, supplies, and materials of the filming/photography operation must be completely removed from the cemetery.

All garbage, waste, and debris must be removed and legally disposed.