Vehicle & Traffic Regulations

Section 3.01  Responsibilities of Agencies 

Funeral Directors, monument companies, tour guides, and other agencies will be held responsible for the actions of all vehicle drivers or others employed by them while within the grounds of the cemetery.

Section 3.02  Funeral Processions 

All funeral processions must be accompanied by a Funeral Director with a valid business license and insurance.

The Funeral Director will be held responsible for all vehicles in a funeral procession.

All vehicle and traffic regulations must be observed.

The Funeral Director must ensure that vehicles are parked properly for a burial service.

Section 3.03  Funeral Escorts 

The Department of Cemeteries will lead a funeral procession into the cemetery from a church or chapel funeral.

If a funeral procession is used with a graveside service, the Funeral Director may request to have the Department lead the procession. Requests must be submitted at least six (6) hours prior to the service.

Section 3.04  Monuments and Markers 

Under no circumstances shall a vehicle be driven over monuments or markers in the cemetery.

Section 3.05  Damage Reporting 

The operators of vehicles must immediately report to the Department of Cemeteries any damage to trees, shrubbery, turf, signs, coping, lot markers, monuments, utilities, or structures caused by the vehicle in the cemetery.

Section 3.06  Vehicle Size Restrictions 

Vehicles over thirty-five (35) feet in length or over twelve (12) feet in height shall not be permitted in Bonaventure or Greenwich Cemeteries.

Vehicles over twenty-five (25) feet in length shall not be permitted in Laurel Grove North or Laurel Grove South Cemeteries.

Trailers or combination type vehicles shall not be permitted on cemetery property.

Any exceptions must be approved by the Director of Cemeteries.

Section 3.07  Speed Limit and Traffic Rules 

Vehicles shall not be driven through the grounds at speeds greater than fifteen (15) miles per hour, and must always be kept on the right hand side of the cemetery roadway.

Vehicles shall not be driven on roadways that are flooded or otherwise unsafe for normal vehicle operation.

Section 3.08  Parking 

Vehicles must park in designated parking areas or on the shoulders of the cemetery roadways.

Vehicles must not block roadways from other traffic.

Vehicles shall not park or come to a full stop in front of an open grave unless such vehicles are in attendance at the funeral.

Vehicles shall not drive or park on gravesites or in open areas of turf.

Only authorized vehicles being used for approved activities are permitted off the roadways.

Engines should not be left idling while vehicles are parked except for authorized maintenance vehicles in which engine power is required for maintenance operations.

Section 3.09  Permitted Off-Road Activities 

The following vehicles will be allowed to operate over gravesites and in open areas of turf under the direct supervision of the Department of Cemeteries for approved activities with appropriate turf tires or on pads a minimum 3/4" thick when the specified activity cannot be reasonably completed from the road shoulder:

(1) tractors, riding mowers, spray vehicles, and other equipment used specifically for grounds maintenance activities;

(2) trucks, brush chippers, leaf vacuums, and other equipment used for debris removal operations after severe weather  incidents;

(3) backhoes, trenchers, and other equipment used for utility installation and maintenance;

(4) backhoes and other equipment used for grave opening;

(5) trucks and equipment for hauling soil from grave openings;

(6) hydraulic lifts, boom trucks, loaders, and other equipment handling monuments that weigh over four-hundred (400)  pounds;

(7) hydraulic lift devices used for disinterments;

(8) personal wheel-chair and other specialized medical equipment to allow access to disabled persons; and

(9) other equipment authorized by the Director of Cemeteries required for cemetery maintenance activities that cannot be reasonably completed from the road shoulders.

Section 3.10  Restricted Off-Road Activities 

Vehicles used for the following operations are strictly prohibited from operating over gravesites or in open areas of turf, unless specifically authorized by the Director of Cemeteries:

(1) hearses, limousines, or other vehicles used in funeral processions;

(2) vehicles and equipment used for transporting persons or small equipment;

(3) trucks and equipment used for placing vaults, tents, chairs, and monuments weighing four-hundred (400) pounds or less;

(4) trucks used for the removal of flowers, decorations, and regular debris from cemetery lots;

(5) tour vehicles, recreational vehicles, buses; and

(6) all other vehicles not specifically authorized by the Director of Cemeteries.

Section 3.11  Restoration of Turf 

The operator of a vehicle used on a turf area must restore any damage to the turf before leaving the area, including the filling of ruts and the removal of any tire tracks or other evidence of vehicles or equipment.