City Cemeteries

City of Savannah Cemeteries Division

Of the nearly 80 cemeteries located in Chatham County, Georgia, the City Cemeteries Division maintains six cemeteries which are owned and operated by the City of Savannah:

  • Colonial Park
  • Laurel Grove North
  • Laurel Grove South
  • Bonaventure
  • Greenwich
  • Evergreen

Each cemetery has a unique character and is historically significant to the City of Savannah.


The main office of the Cemeteries Division is located in Bonaventure Cemetery and a satellite office is located in Laurel Grove North. The division is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the grounds
  • Selling interment rights
  • Providing interment services
  • Maintaining vital records
  • Preserving the historical and cultural significance
  • Coordinating all activities within the cemeteries

The phrase "selling interment rights" was historically referred to as selling cemetery lots. However, cemeteries do not generally sell real estate, just the rights to be interred on it.