Monument/Headstone Rubbing

Section 9.01  Permit for Rubbing 

Monument rubbing is not allowed without a permit from the Department of Cemeteries. The person(s) making the request must specify all lot numbers from which a rubbing is desired. A permit must be applied for each time monument rubbings are to be taken. Violation of any headstone rubbing regulations will void the permit and be sufficient grounds to deny future requests by the individual or group in violation.

Section 9.02  Permission from Lot Owner 

A “Permit for Monument Rubbing” will not be issued without written authorization from the owner(s) of the lot(s) containing the monuments to be rubbed, except for those lots in which the owner is deceased, no heirs have been identified, and no burials have occurred on that lot for at least seventy (70) years. It is the responsibility of the person(s) requesting the permit to secure written authorization from the lot owner(s).

Section 9.03  Acceptance of Responsibility 

The person(s) making the request is/are responsible for any damage to monuments or the grounds incurred by the rubbing activities.

Monument rubbings will be limited to sound stones only. Any stones that are cracked, split, spalling, flaking, or have seams may not be rubbed.

All monument rubbings must be done under the direct supervision of a responsible adult over eighteen (18) years of age.

The Department of Cemeteries will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages incurred from stone rubbing activities.

Section 9.04  Rubbing Preparations 

Cleaning of stones for the purpose of rubbing shall be limited to dusting with a soft brush. Wire brushes are strictly prohibited. Lichens or moss growing on the stones shall not be removed.

Section 9.05  Rubbing Media 

The entire area to be rubbed shall be covered with paper held in place by masking tape. Inks, felt marking pens, or fiberglass-tip marking pens are not allowed for monument rubbing. Chalk, charcoal, crayons, or graphite are acceptable media. All tape and paper must be completely removed from the lot and all rubbish properly disposed of in trash receptacles or removed from cemetery property.