Conduct of Persons

Section 2.01  Clothing and Costumes 

Clothing should be respectful to the customers and visitors of the cemetery.

Formal and semi-formal dress, uniforms, and period dress are appropriate attire for historical tours and special events.

Theatrical costumes and makeup including, but not limited to, clowns, ghosts, goblins, ogres, trolls, witches, werewolves, vampires, zombies, monsters, and disfigured humans are inappropriate attire for cemeteries.

Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

Bathing suits or clothing with offensive prints or designs is/are not allowed.

Section 2.02  Firearms 

No firearms shall be permitted within the Cemeteries except in connection with a military funeral or similar occasion, by law enforcement officers, or by special permit from the Director of Cemeteries.

Section 2.03  Alcohol 

No beer, wine, liquor, or other alcoholic products are permitted within the Cemetery grounds. No intoxicated or otherwise disorderly persons will be permitted on the grounds.

Section 2.04  Smoking 

Smoking is prohibited in any building or structure or within 10 feet from any doors, windows, or air vents of any building or structure within the Cemeteries or within fifty (50) feet of any fuel container.

Cigarettes shall be properly extinguished and removed from the cemetery by the smoker.

Littering is not allowed.

Section 2.05  Children 

No person under the age of 16 shall be permitted into the Cemetery without the direct supervision of a responsible adult.

Section 2.06  Advertising, Solicitation, and Signage 

No person shall bring into the cemetery, or display therein, any sign of any advertising nature other than those normally placed on vehicles, uniforms, or tents.

No solicitations for work of any kind shall be allowed.

No signs shall be installed on cemetery property without the permission of the Director of Cemeteries.

Section 2.07  Waste Disposal 

Visitors should use established containers for the disposal of rubbish, waste, and debris.

Littering is prohibited.

Lot owners may place vegetative waste from a lot outside of the lot on the road shoulder to be picked up by maintenance personnel.

Section 2.08  Noise 

Loud conversation or offensive language is not permitted.

No audio equipment may be used without permission of the Director of Cemeteries.

The playing of radios, digital audio players, or other noise-making devices is not permitted on cemetery grounds.

All persons in the immediate vicinity of an interment must cease activities and remain quiet during the conducting of services.

Section 2.09  Intrusion 

Casual visitors to the cemetery, who are not members of a funeral procession or party, may not intrude upon a funeral party or loiter about an open grave.

Any persons or vehicles in close proximity to a funeral service that are not a part of the service should leave the area at once.

Vehicles or equipment should not operate within sight of a funeral service.

Section 2.10  Athletic Events 

No person shall engage in any athletic event or competition while on cemetery grounds.

Section 2.11  Horseplay 

All cemetery visitors must conduct themselves in a respectable manner.

Horseplay is prohibited.

Persons must not jump out at, scream at, or deliberately scare or startle any other cemetery visitor.

Section 2.12  Treasure/Scavenger Hunting 

Treasure/scavenger hunting is prohibited.

Metal detectors are prohibited except for surveying and locating utilities.

No artifacts are to be removed from the cemeteries without the permission of the Director of Cemeteries.

Section 2.13  Open Flames 

Debris burning, bonfires, lighted candles, torches, or open flames of any type are not allowed without the permission of the Director of Cemeteries.

Section 2.14  Animals 

No animals, except service dogs, shall be allowed in any of the cemetery buildings without the written permission of the Director of Cemeteries.

All pets must be held firmly on a leash held by a person while in the cemeteries.

The owner or keeper of the animal shall clean up after his or her pet.

Pets and their handlers shall remain on public rights-of-way within the cemetery and shall not encroach on a cemetery lot without the consent of the lot owner.

The owner or keeper of any animal within cemetery property shall be liable for any damage caused by said animal.

The City shall not be liable for any damage done by animals and does not assume responsibility for keeping animals out of the cemeteries.

No horses or large animals are permitted in the cemetery without written permission from the Director of Cemeteries.

Section 2.15  Sacrilegious Conduct 

Cemeteries are considered sacred places and various cultural or religious rituals are frequently associated with interment and memorial services.

No person or persons shall engage or participate in any voodoo, witchcraft, Wicca, black magic, satanic or occult rituals, or any other sacrilegious conduct while in a municipal cemetery.

Section 2.16  Respect for Property of Others 

No person or persons shall sit or lean on any cemetery structures to include, but not limited to, monuments, markers, coping, and statues.

Any person who causes damage, either intentionally or unintentionally, to public or private property will be held accountable for that damage.