Park Services

Greenscapes – Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Services

Parks Maintenance

The Park Maintenance program provides a full range of landscape maintenance services. On any given day they may be involved in litter control, mowing, landscape plant maintenance, or various other activities supporting the Division's mission. In addition to routine grounds maintenance, they also are responsible for the upkeep and repair of park infrastructure, irrigation systems and ornamental fountains, as well various special projects involving improvements to these spaces.  

The areas serviced by the Park Maintenance program include the City’s entryways, Savannah Riverfront, Bay Street Strand, Landmark Historic District Squares, and numerous neighborhood parks to include Daffin Park and Forsyth Park.

Rights of Way Maintenance

The Right-of-Way Maintenance program mows all vegetation within the various access roads, canals, ditches and their associated rights-of-way, easements, maintenance ways, medians, and street and highway rights-of-way within the City limits.