Commercial Refuse & Recycling

About the Department

The Commercial Refuse Collection Department provides refuse collection to commercial customers City-wide. The mission of the Commercial Refuse Collection Department is to provide all City commercial customers with quality services, eliminating missed collections and damaged containers.

Commercial Refuse Collection

The department is responsible for collecting bulk refuse from commercial and institutional establishments. Approximately 1,100 commercial customers are serviced using commercial refuse containers and refuse compactors with an annual tonnage of 23,000 tons. The collection frequency ranges from once a week to six times a week.

Container Repair

Our container maintenance facility ensures all containers meet environmental standards for cleanliness and safety and health regulations. The facility is equipped to perform minor and major repairs to damaged containers as well as to paint containers that are dull and blemished due to weathering and age. This facility handles approximately 500 containers annually.

Construction & Demolition Waste

This program was implemented in 1996 and is becoming a major asset to the department. This is a countywide service that allows the department to compete with private industry on a daily basis. The inventory consists of 20-yard and 30-yard roll-off containers. The department is equipped to handle all major and minor construction projects.