Underground Storage Tanks

Fire protection permits will now be submitted online through eTrac Savannah.

Use this link (eTrac Step-by-Step User Guide) to help walk you through the new system.

Special Note: While going through registration for your new account you must use a company email.

Please use this link ( eTrac Savannah) to submit your permit.

Tank Closure & Installation Application

An application for Permit to Permanently Close Underground Storage Tanks and/or Piping must be submitted to and approved by the Savannah Fire Marshal's Office prior to the closure. This must be done before work can start.

Permit Pricing please refer to the Permit Fee Schedule.

Tank Closure & Installation Request for Inspection

After the Underground Storage Tank Permit Application to Permanently Close Underground Storage Tanks and/or Piping has been submitted and approved by the Savannah Fire Marshal's Office.

Follow the procedure below to Request an Inspection for Install/Removal.

  • Hours for paperwork acceptance are 9am – 4pm, Monday through Friday except an holidays
  • Contractors shall be responsible for requesting Savannah Fire Marshal’s Office for inspections by utilizing the attached “Request for Inspection” form. Verbal requests for inspections will not be accepted.
  • When ready for the appropriate inspection, a properly completed “Request for Inspection” form must be submitted by email or in person. Application shall be delivered to SFD Fire Prevention Office top of application.
  • Clean copy of approved permit must accompany application.
  • A Fire Marshal will contact you to schedule the inspection. No inspection shall be considered approved or scheduled until such time as you are contacted by a Fire Marshal to confirm an inspection date and time.
  • Allow 2 hours from the scheduled time for the arrival of the inspector unless a specific time block is provided otherwise. The appropriate representative must be present upon arrival.
  • Approved permit/s and approved plans must be on site at the time of inspection.

 Tank Removal Procedure per 2018 NFPA 30