Pyrotechnic Display Permit

Savannah River Fireworks

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Firework probate paperwork must be signed by the Fire Marshal before they are sent to Probate Court. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a Probate Court Denial letter.


Firework and/or Flame Effect permits must be submitted for review at least      30 Days before the event.

Fire protection permits will now be submitted online through eTrac Savannah.

Use this link (eTrac Step-by-Step User Guide) to help walk you through the new system.

Special Note: While going through registration for your new account you must use a company email.

Please use this link ( eTrac Savannah) to submit your permit.

Savannah Fire permit fees


A fee of $400.00 each for Pyrotechnics and/or Flame Effects, before a proximate audience permit (NFPA 1126 & NFPA160), shall be paid to Savannah Fire. Fee includes permit, permit review, and inspection set-up. A fee of $260.00 for after-hour for fire watch and stand-by. 

Total charge for firework permits is $400 + $260 = $660 

Applications must be submitted in a timely manner or an after-hours plans review fee will be charged.

Georgia Fireworks Law