Permit fee schedule



All fees listed below are per the City of Savannah Revenue Ordinance.


Fire Protection Systems Permit Fees

The fee for providing inspection of fire protection systems shall be $8.00 per $1,000.00 of materials and labor with a

$40.00 minimum. This fee shall be paid for work being performed on fire protection systems or when required by the

Fire Official. Documentation verifying materials and labor shall be provided when required by the Fire Official.

Example ($6,500.00 project evaluation rounded up $7,000.00 x 8 = $56.00 permit fee)

                  (5,000.00 project evaluation and under is a minimum of $40.00 permit fee)


 A $100.00 commercial burn permit fee is hereby established for the burning of materials consistent with city, state, and

federal regulations. A separate fee shall be required for each location, burn site, and/or forced air pit incinerator. The

fee provides for a maximum of two on-site inspections. Extra inspection fees as provided in this ordinance shall apply to

additional inspections whether requested by the contractor or initiated by the Fire Official.


 A $50.00 fee shall be established for the permitting of a bonfire. Fire equipment fees shall apply when fire department

equipment is deemed necessary by the Fire Official.

Plan Review Fee.

On projects for which plan review services are performed by a Fire Marshal, but no permit is issued, a plan review fee of

$50.00 shall be charged.

Penalty for not taking out Required Permit.

When work starts prior to the issuance of a permit, a penalty fee of $500.00 shall be added to the permit fee, or the

permit fee shall be doubled, which ever amount is greater.

After-hours Inspections Fee.

An after-hours inspection fee shall be charged for inspections conducted at times other than the regularly scheduled

hours established for the assigned Fire Marshal. The fee per hour shall be one and a half times the hourly wage of the

Fire Marshal with a minimum of four hours. Fire Equipment Fees per the Revenue Ordinance shall be applicable.

Underground Fuel Storage Tank Inspection Fees.

The owner or operator of underground fuel storage tanks shall pay all City inspections fees that are listed below:

(1) New underground tank installation, per tank inspection $40.00

(2) Leak detection system installation, per tank inspection $40.00

(3) New integral piping system installation, per inspection $40.00

(4) Annual underground tank inspection and inventory check $60.00 per tank facility.

(5) Inspection of the removal or filling and capping of an $100.00 underground storage tank

(6) Inspection of repair or retrofitting of an underground tank $40.00 or Integral piping system, per tank or piping system


(7) Inspection of the removal operation of the pollutant, $40.00 per inspection

Existing Building Fees.

There shall be a minimum fee of $50.00 charged for the examining of any building to identify/address potential fire code

requirements for which an application has been made to change a building’s occupancy or certify the permitted


Fireworks Permit Fee.

A fee of $100.00 shall be paid for the permit, and additional $100.00 for Savannah Fire Department personal and