Pre-Employment Process

All applicants must meet all of the following steps to be considered for employment:

  • Application Process
    • Submit a complete application form through the City of Savannah Human Resourced Department at
    • Successfully complete Wonderlic test
    • Successfully complete the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)
    • Interview
  • Qualifications
    • Eighteen years of age
    • High school diploma, GED/equivalent
    • Good physical condition
    • No felony convictions, repeated traffic or misdemeanor violations / citations
    • Must possess a valid drivers license
  • Requirements
    • Post-offer medical exam/Physical
    • Background checks
    • Drug and alcohol test
    • Proof of citizenship and ability to work in the United States
    • No tobacco use contract
    • Able to report to work within 90 minutes of notification

Wonderlic Exam

The Firefighter Wonderlic recruit examination is an online test, which results in a pass or fail grade

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

The Savannah Fire Department has fully implemented the nationally approved CPAT. This is a pass or fail physical ability test designed to simulate the tasks and activities a firefighter might face at an emergency scene. The CPAT is comprised of eight individual stations that must be completed in one continuous sequence. All applicants must complete the CPAT at or under 10 minutes and 20 seconds. An instructional booklet is issued to each candidate to assist in their CPAT training. All candidates will receive an opportunity to participate in 10 practice sessions prior to their official CPAT test date. Practice session schedules and locations will be provided by Human Resources.

Salary & Benefits

  • Starting salary - Starting salaries are disclosed during active recruiting periods
  • Work schedule - The Savannah Fire Department uses a 24/48 work schedule. Firefighters work one 24 hour shift, then have 48 hours off


  • Major medical with optional family coverage
  • Dental with optional family coverage
  • Life insurance


  • City pension
  • Optional Georgia State Firefighter Pension
  • Optional deferred compensation

Education Reimbursement Program

  • The City of Savannah may reimburse employees (up to $1,500 annually) for tuition and books of job related courses

Veteran Status

  • If you served active military duty for more than 180 days in the U.S. Armed Forces (excluding the Reserves or National Guard) and have been honorably discharged, you may be eligible for veteran's preference points. A candidate must submit a copy of their DD-214 form when submitting their application for employment.

Post-Employment Requirements

  • Basic Training - All firefighter trainees must successfully complete a 14 to 19 week recruit training school within the first four months of employment. Trainees will work regular day shifts (40 hours per week) during recruit training school
  • Certification - During basic training, firefighter trainees must successfully pass comprehensive written and skills exams administered through the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council
  • Physical Assessments - All firefighters are required to participate in physical fitness training and fitness assessments are administered twice a year.

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