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Food Truck Inspection Request


The Food Truck fire inspection can not be scheduled until you have made contact with Ms. Pearlette Shuman,  with the City Of Savannah to begin the Mobile Food Service Permit Process. 

Click Here for the Food Truck Inspection request form

Mobile Food Service Unit Owners and Operators,

On Jan. 1, 2020, the State of Georgia adopted code, specifically NFPA 96 Annex B: Mobile and Temporary Cooking Operations, 2017 Edition, that greatly effects the state mandated rules and regulations that govern mobile food service units (MFSUs).

A grace period had been granted allowing time for all to become aware of these changes and plan accordingly; then the Covid-19 pandemic occurred and pushed this grace period back even further. The date all MFSUs must meet these requirements is now July 1, 2021.

Please find accompanying this Informational Bulletin a diagram, NFPA Fact Sheet: Food Truck Safety, that outlines many of the requirements MFSUs must meet.

The National Fire Protection Association also provides free access to code sections at:


Food Truck Safety from NFPA