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Apr 13

April 6, 2015 Update

Posted on April 13, 2015 at 11:03 AM by Saja Aures

The City’s general contractor McLendon Enterprises Inc. continues to make progress on the President Street and General McIntosh Improvements Project. The new 24” sewer force main from York Lane and East Broad Street has been installed up to the Randolph Street and President Street intersection. Completion of this section of sewer force main allowed for the reopening of E. Broad and Oglethorpe intersection and subsequent closing of General McIntosh Blvd. Traffic lights of three intersections from Bay Street to Oglethorpe Ave. along E. Broad Street have been upgraded to allow better monitoring, communication, and adjustment capabilities to provide continuous flow of traffic.

McLendon Enterprises Inc. is currently performing demolition of the existing General McIntosh Blvd. (from President St. to Randolph St.). Demolition is also preparing this section of roadway for installation of new utility lines, realignment of the roadway, and placement of fill dirt to elevate the new roadway.

Coordination with utility companies (Georgia Power, Atlanta Gas Light, AT&T, Comcast, EarthLink, and Hargray) continues to ensure any utility conflicts with construction are properly relocated. Currently, Georgia Power is removing/relocating street lights and distribution power lines along the project, and Atlanta Gas Light Company is relocating a 12” high pressure gas main to the back edge of the new City right-of-way. Relocation of Atlanta Gas Light Company’s high pressure gas main is a critical step before undercutting and surcharging (placement of fill dirt to consolidate subsoil and minimize future settlement) of the proposed new roadway and shoulders may begin.

Over the next week, the contractor will continue working along General McIntosh Blvd. (relocating and installing new utility lines and placing fill dirt). The contractor will also be working to prepare for a major traffic shift along President St. (moving all four lanes of traffic to the northern half of President St.). This traffic shift will allow for construction to continue on the south side of President St. (see “Stage 1” exhibit for details). This traffic shift is scheduled to occur this summer.

24” Sewer Force Main Installation

Concrete Pavement Replacement Along Oglethorpe Ave.

12” AGL Gas Main Installation


Asphalt Removal (Milling)