Housing and Neighborhood Services


The Housing & Neighborhood Services Department provides for the management and coordination of the City’s housing and neighborhood enhancement efforts to provide a City of strong and vibrant neighborhoods that are clean, safe and encourages a sense of community. Department activities include comprehensive neighborhood planning, housing rehabilitation and leveraging private investment to support affordable housing development and neighborhood improvement.


Assist neighborhoods in the development of neighborhood plans and implementation of neighborhood projects that improve livability.

Coordinate acquisition of tax delinquent and distressed real property to support affordable housing development.

Administer entitlement and other federal and state grant programs that support housing and urban development for the city.

Manage the City’s affordable housing activities, including redevelopment, rehabilitation, housing repair, multi-family, and financing programs.

Research and implement opportunities for the development and retention of affordable housing in the city and act as the coordinating body for housing and housing-related activities in the City of Savannah.

Pursue partnerships and local funding sources to leverage private investment for housing.