St. Joseph's/Candler Team Member Home Purchase Assistance

General:Provides down payment and closing cost assistance to help qualified SJ/C team members (employees) purchase their first home. Team members must be in good standing and without recent disciplinary actions at time of purchase.    Buyers must qualify for bank or mortgage company financing with interest rates, fees and other terms that meet program requirements.   Resale restrictions apply. The property must be located in the Savannah city limits.  This assistance can be used in combination with DreamMaker assistance.
Property Condition:New and existing houses in good condition that comply with program requirements.  Existing houses built before 1978 may not have defective paint at time of inspection.   Property cannot be occupied at time of application unless occupant is the buyer or unless the seller is the occupant.   
Typical Repairs:Buyers must hire a Home Inspection Company to inspect the house and identify needed or recommended repairs.  Most needed repairs must be completed by the seller prior to sale.   Program staff must confirm that needed repairs have been completed prior to sale.
Assistance:Typically, 5-year forgivable 0% interest loan not to exceed $5,000—loan is not repaid if the buyer continues to work for the employer and continues to be the owner-occupant of the house for five years from the date of the loan.
Buyer Income:Household income restrictions apply.
Application Deadlines:Ongoing, year-round, providing resources remain available.
Contact:Adela Smith (912) 651-2169

St. Joseph's/Candler Home Purchase Assistance Application