Payment Arrangements

The City of Savannah understands our utilities customers may sometimes fall behind on their bills. We offer flexible arrangements to help you get caught up and back on track with on-time payment. Basic terms for payment arrangements can be found below. For more information on starting a payment arrangement, please contact us at (912) 651-6460.

If you are a low-income senior or disabled resident, please review the Community Assistance document for more information on programs which may qualify you for a utility bill discount or further assistance.

Basic Terms and Conditions: 10% down, $100 minimum monthly payments

Payment arrangements require a down payment of at least 10% of the past-due balance and must be paid off in regular monthly payments of at least $100. The permissible length of an arrangement is, at most, the time it will take a customer to pay in-full their past due balance with the minimum $100/monthly payments.

  • Minimum Down Payment: 10% of past-due balance
  • Minimum Monthly Payment: $100 
  • Length of Agreement: Customers will be permitted to maintain an arrangement for, at most, the time it takes to pay in-full their past due balance with $100 minimum monthly payments
  • Regular Bills Must Still Be Paid: While making the monthly payments required by a payment arrangement, customers must also pay in-full their regular bi-monthly utility bill by its due date to keep their account in good-standing. 
  • Late Penalties Still Apply: Payment arrangements do not suspend the application of late penalties on a past-due account. Past-due accounts will continue to be charged late penalties until the past due balance is paid in-full. 
  • Failure to Maintain Agreement Will Result in Service Disconnect: If a customer fails to make any required payments of an arrangement or their regular utility bill while on a plan, their account will be subject to immediate water service disconnection without further notice and the full balance on the account, including service charges, will become due and must be paid for service restoration.