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Oct 23

Meet Kirk McGee Code Compliance Field Training Officer

Posted on October 23, 2023 at 3:48 PM by Chris Parrish

Why Code Compliance? 

Kirk McgeeI've been asked this question countless times, and people rarely believe my answer. For those who have never explored the intricacies of Code, or for those who don’t truly understand what it is — I’m sure my enthusiasm must come as a surprise. But the answer is simple: I love it. 
I confess; I am genuinely obsessed with Code Enforcement. From the moment I began my career in this field, I immersed myself entirely. I follow code enforcement on social media, listen to podcasts, and read just about anything I can get my hands on. This obsession, though niche I admit, didn't just develop overnight. My love for code enforcement is rooted in my lifelong fascination with law, law enforcement, and investigation. Even as a kid, I was drawn to the idea of unraveling mysteries and seeking out the truth. 

I've served as a City of Savannah Code Compliance Officer for over two and a half years. For the past year, I've taken on the role of Field Training Officer, a position that allows me to pass on my knowledge and passion to newcomers. I love to help others, and I get to talk about code enforcement, laws, and ordinances all day — it’s a good fit. 

My journey to Code Compliance was marked by a surprising twist. Initially, I saw it as a steppingstone toward my dream of becoming a private investigator. However, the longer I stayed, the clearer it became that everything I was looking for I’d already found in the code department. I love being in the heart of investigation, and I wanted to answer tough questions and find creative solutions to help people. Code Compliance has been an awesome place for me to explore that. We don’t just react here — we pursue. Seventy percent of everything we do is self-initiated.  

Ultimately, I think Code is the bridge between a healthy, beautiful environment and one you maybe wouldn’t step foot in. At the end of the day, we’re quality control for the City of Savannah. Our whole mission is to promote a clean, safe environment for the people who live here. One of the most satisfying aspects of my work is knowing that I play a part, however small, in improving people’s lives. I get to engage with the public, educate them about compliance, and witness the transformation of their living conditions. I love going to community meetings and having people ask me super specific questions. When residents send me letters or cards — I keep every single one of them. I’m incredibly proud to be part of the work we do here.  

I’m originally from Oklahoma City, but I was raised here. No other place has ever felt like home. Simply put, I love this city. Everything I want is here. I like that when I drive down the street — people know me. They see my gold wrapped Mazda Miata with anime graphics. and stop and talk to me about it, ask me questions, and recognize me when ComiCon rolls around. I just love the energy here, the community, all of it. I’m getting married early next year, and I can’t think of any place I’d rather raise my future kids. 

In life, I think it’s rare to find exactly what you’re meant to do, rarer still to be able to do it. Maybe I’m lucky. I didn’t expect my passion for detective work and a natural curiosity would lead me to exterior property ordinances and derelict vehicles, but life is often surprising and hilarious. So, here I am.