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Jan 08

January 5, 2018 Update

Posted on January 8, 2018 at 9:18 AM by Saja Aures

General McIntosh Boulevard west bound traffic is now open.   New traffic signals poles are currently being assembled, wired, and timed.   Be on the lookout for flashing signals at the intersection of President Street and General McIntosh Blvd.  The signals will flash for a day or two in an effort to alert drivers of a new signalized intersection before both directions of General McIntosh Blvd are opened.

Next big milestone will be to open both sides of the new bridge near the Rail Road tracks and finally opening the left turn lane onto Truman Parkway at the Rail Road tracks.  Work has slowed recently due to the holiday season and inclement weather.  Construction work to finish the bridge and remaining asphalt in preparation for the next, and final, traffic shift should begin mid to late January.  Local asphalt plants shut down in cold weather and common practice is to lay asphalt at a minimum of 40-45 degree temperature.  That means only days that the low temperature is above 40-45 degrees is a good day to lay asphalt.