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May 26

May 26, 2017 Update

Posted on May 26, 2017 at 8:06 AM by Saja Aures

McLendon’s construction crews are finishing up the curb and gutter work for the north half of President Street, General McIntosh Blvd. and Randolph Street. As that work nears completion, the final layer of rock is currently being placed on the future westbound lanes. Rock has to be fine graded to the correct elevation and compacted in place before paving. Rainy weather this week delayed paving but you should see paving underway after the Memorial Day weekend.

Traffic Shift Ahead!
After paving of the future westbound lanes, all four lanes of traffic will then shift onto the future westbound lanes side of the new bridge, but only westbound lanes will traverse the new President Street roadway in its final configuration (north half of the roadway). This shift will be necessary for crews to construct the next bridge phase that will serve future eastbound traffic. After traffic moves to the north side, McLendon’s crews will make final pavement modifications to the future eastbound lanes, add curbing and gutter and then it will be time for landscaping.

Orion’s crews have completed this phase of the bridge which will serve future westbound traffic. While they wait for the traffic shift, crews are working on the adjacent Bilbo Canal improvements. Large yellow and red cranes can be seen working between President Street and Savannah River, just east of the future Savannah River Landing development.

General McIntosh Blvd
General McIntosh Blvd: Rock placed, curb and gutter complete…Ready for paving!

President StreetPresident Street: Rock placed, curb and gutter complete…Ready for paving!