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Jun 21

June 21, 2016 Update

Posted on June 21, 2016 at 2:18 PM by Saja Aures

Work on the 48” gravity sanitary sewer line installation on the South side of President Street is complete  from the tie-in near the warehouse up to the edge of existing pavement on President Street near Randolph Drive.  The 24” sanitary sewer line was installed from the existing 42” sewer main on the South side of President Street, north to the edge of the eastbound lane on President Street.  This line will serve future development of the Savannah River Landing site.  Once the traffic shift to the south occurs (late this year) both these sewer lines can be completed by excavating and installing additional sections of pipe across the current President Street roadway.

Crews should begin work on the water main on the south side of President Street near Randolph Street and the old General McIntosh Blvd intersection.

Construction should begin on the North side of President Street in the General McIntosh Blvd area at end of June or early July.  Crews will begin working on utility installation in preparation for final road work.

 062116_1.jpg  062116_2.jpg
Installation of 24” gravity sanitary sewer to serve Savannah River Landing.

Installation of trench shoring for 24” gravity sanitary sewer and manhole.

48” gravity sanitary sewer installation  up to President Street.