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Jun 06

June 6, 2016 Update

Posted on June 6, 2016 at 9:10 AM by Saja Aures

Now that surcharge consolidation settlement phase for a portion of President Street has ended and surcharge removal underway, crews are currently working to complete the installation of the new 48” gravity sanitary sewer line.  This new line is located along the south side of President Street near its intersection with General McIntosh Boulevard.  Once the sewer line is installed the water and storm infrastructure installation will follow.

The canal and bridge crew completed construction of the canal walls on the north side of President Street, near its intersection with the Truman Parkway.  Earthen backfill was placed back around the walls temporarily until this crew returns later in the year to construct the bridge over the proposed canal.  

Additional utility infrastructure installation should begin on north of President Street and along General McIntosh Blvd later this month.  This work will begin with the jack and bore or a steel casing underneath President Street for the installation of a new water main as well as stormwater drain lines along General McIntosh Boulevard.


Installation of trench shoring for 48” gravity sanitary sewer

Pipe support for 48” gravity sewer