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Apr 20

April 20, 2016 Update

Posted on April 20, 2016 at 8:13 AM by Saja Aures

The majority of the General McIntosh and President Street Improvement project remains in the surcharge consolidation settlement monitoring period.  At the end of last week, one section of the project surcharge area was released for construction based on consolidation monitoring results.  This area released is located along the south side of President Street, from Randolph Street east to the far side of the Madison Retail Warehouse entrance.  The contractor is now coordinating crews for the removal of surcharge, installation of utility lines within this portion of the project, and grading for temporary and final roadway profiles.  This work is scheduled to begin starting next week.

Underground utility crews continue to install 24” water main, 24” sewer force main, and 12” natural gas pipelines on the east end of the project near the railroad crossing and Truman Parkway.  These new lines, valves, and manholes will connect with other existing and newly installed utilities on this end of the project.

Another crew working on the future Bilbo bridge and canal have successfully completed the eastern canal wall on the north side of President Street.  This crew is now working on the western canal wall on the north side of President Street.  A section of this canal wall was formed and poured last week.  This crew will again have to coordinate with Georgia Power later this week to de-energize overhead power lines to safety work in this area.  This work involves sheet pile installation for trench shoring, as well as H-pile driving for the reinforced concrete canal wall foundation adjacent to these overhead power lines.


Pile driven for concrete canal wall support


Excavating to build concrete canal wall footing


Sanitary sewer forcemain manholes to be placed in bore pit