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Jan 08

January 8, 2016 Update

Posted on January 8, 2016 at 4:12 PM by Saja Aures

Now that surcharge placement on the project has been completed, earth work operations have significantly slowed.  As scheduled, the surcharge will require a period of time for consolidation of under lying soils to occur.  It is estimated the surcharge will have to remain for four to six months before consolidation settlement of underlying soils are complete.  These results will continue to be monitored through the use of settlement plates which are positioned in various locations along the surcharge.  The settlement plates indicated significant settlement during the initial surcharge and wick drain installation, but have now begun to settle at a much slower incremental rate.

Additional work has been completed near the New Congress Street and General McIntosh intersection where crews have replaced curb and gutter, along with sidewalk at the new roadway grade, on the east side of General McIntosh.  This new section of roadway received a base coat of asphalt to allow delivery trucks to the Marriot access from the new Congress Street.  This new roadway also now provides access and shows how the entrance into the Savannah River Landing development will look.

Crews continue to jack and bore the final steel casing underneath the railroad tracks and future Bilbo Canal, just south of President Street and west of Truman Parkway.  This crew has completed the 36” diameter steel casing for the new 24” water main and 36” diameter steel casing for the new 24” sewer force main.  They are currently boring the last casing which will be a 16” steel casing for the new 12” AGL natural gas main.

Construction continues on the new reinforced concrete Bilbo Canal walls.  The eastern inner Bilbo Canal reinforced concrete wall on the south side of President Street will be completed this week.  When completed, this crew will then shift back over to the western inner Bilbo Canal reinforced concrete wall on the south side of President Street.  The schedule remains to complete the western inner canal wall on the south side of President Street, and then move to north side of President Street to begin constructing the eastern and western inner canal walls.  These canal walls will connect together eventually under a bridge to be built over the canal, but will require future traffic shifts before that work can be performed.

A utility crew working on the far eastern end of the project (near Truman Parkway) has completed a section of new 24” water main and is now working on a new section of 24” sewer force main which will run parallel to the water main.  Once the section of new 24” sewer force main is completed, this crew will be moving to the median of President Street (just east of the Truman Parkway over pass) and will be constructing a water main tie-in.  This water main connection will connect the new 24” water main to the existing 20” water main located beneath the existing median.