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Oct 30

October 30, 2015 Update

Posted on October 30, 2015 at 9:04 AM by Saja Aures

Surcharge material continues to be placed along the south side of President Street.  This material will continue to be placed over the next three weeks at a slightly slower rate (one foot per week) until the designed surcharge elevation height is reached.

New Congress Street and intersection with General McIntosh Boulevard was paved earlier this week out to the centerline of General McIntosh Boulevard.  Crews will now begin installing cub/gutter and sidewalk along General McIntosh Boulevard north from Congress Street until it ties in with existing curb/gutter and sidewalk in front of the Marriott.

Crews continue to jack and bore steel casings underneath the railroad tracks and future Bilbo Canal, just south of President Street and west of Truman Parkway.

Construction continues on the new reinforced concrete Bilbo Canal walls.  A significant section of the eastern canal wall has now been poured.  Crews will continue installing additional sections of canal wall and coordinate guy wire relocations necessary to continue work with Georgia Power Company.

A sewer and water utility crew has mobilized back onsite and are continuing the installation of water and sewer mains along the far east end of the project (east of the Truman Parkway).  These new water and sewer mains will connect new lines throughout the project to existing lines located in this area.