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Oct 09

October 9, 2015 Update

Posted on October 9, 2015 at 1:41 PM by Saja Aures

Following the completion of wick drain installations, crews are placing the additional foot of sand over wick drains and continuing to place additional lifts of surcharge material.  The surcharge material will be placed to an elevation of approximately five feet above final proposed road elevations.  This material will provide the weight necessary to consolidate the underlying soils, while the wick drains relieve pore pressures speeding up the consolidation settlement process.  The surcharge material is expected to require a time-frame of six months to allow acceptance of consolidation settlement.  Once accepted, that material will be removed and utility lines installed and the new roadway established.

Along the new section of Congress Street at General McIntosh Boulevard, crews are preparing for the placement of asphalt and will be continuing to install additional curb and gutter and sidewalk along General McIntosh Boulevard.

Crews continue to jack and bore steel casings underneath the railroad tracks and future Bilbo Canal, just south of President Street and west of Truman Parkway.  Recent rainfall has slowed progress of these bores due to the low lying location they are located in.  In addition to continuous dewatering of the bore pit, excessive ground water lateral pressures have required additional shoring of the excavated pit.

Construction continues on the new reinforced concrete Bilbo Canal walls.  Crews have begun the eastern canal wall.  Currently 65’ plum and battered steel H-piles are being driven within a sheet pile shored excavation for the reinforced concrete wall foundation support.  Once these H-piles are driven, rebar will be tied for the walls concrete footer, and poured.

Upcoming work will include the closure of a section of Randolph Street just south of President Street.  This closure is required for crews to pothole, locate, and identify critical tie-in points for future sewer connections.