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Sep 03

September 3, 2015 Update

Posted on September 3, 2015 at 8:43 AM by Saja Aures

Recent rainfall has required the use of anticipated adverse weather days, but progress continues to be made. 

Initial backfill has been placed on the south side of President Street and is awaiting mobilization of the wick drain installation crew onsite.  Installation of wick drains will expedite predicted consolidation settlement of the future roadway and utility line corridor foundation.  Meanwhile, earthwork crews continue to undercut and place backfill material along the new General McIntosh Boulevard alignment with President Street.

New Congress Street and General McIntosh Boulevard intersection has been graded to approximate roadway subgrade elevations.  Once weather permits and elevations in this area are checked and verified, crews will begin to layout and install curb and gutter along new Congress Street.

Jack and bore of steel casings underneath the railroad tracks and future Bilbo Canal, just south of President Street and west of Truman Parkway continues.  The bore pit in this location has been excavated to final depths necessary for installation of bore casing below the future Bilbo Canal and railroad tracks.  These operations will continue until the new steel casings for 24” sewer force main, 24” water main, and 12” high pressure gas main have been installed.

Construction of the Bilbo Canal and President Street bridge over the future canal continues.  An approximately 42’ section of the future Bilbo Canal reinforced concrete wall has been formed and poured.  Crews are continuing to drive temporary sheet piles for stabilizing the canal wall trench excavation and driving steel H-piles for an additional section of canal wall foundation supports.  Additional sections of the future Bilbo Canal walls will continue to be built over the next few weeks.