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Jul 30

July 30, 2015 Update

Posted on July 30, 2015 at 8:33 AM by Chris Parrish

Weather conditions have been favorable over the past few days and have allowed for the temporary pavement placement within the old President Street and General McIntosh intersection and north side of President Street.  Following the closure of the turn lane to Truman Parkway along east bound President Street, traffic will soon be shifted over into this turn lane, but will now provide for east bound thru traffic only.  By shifting this east bound traffic one lane to the north, earth work operations on the south side of President Street will continue within the old southernmost lane.  

Utility line installations have continued along Randolph Street, east side of General McIntosh, and along the new section of Congress Street.  The contractor along with coordination efforts with the City’s Water and Sewer Department are preparing for flushing, pressure testing, and chlorination of the water mains prior to connecting these lines to the existing network of infrastructure. These installed utilities include 8” sewer force mains, 12” water mains, 24” water main, and various storm drainage lines and structures.

Jack and bore of steel casings underneath the railroad tracks and future Bilbo Canal, just south of President Street and west of Truman Parkway continues.  Steel casing that will later be used for the installation of water, sewer force main, and AGL’s natural gas main have begun being installed.   

Construction of the Bilbo Canal and President Street bridge over the future canal has begun. Crews have established a platform for Orion’s crane to operate from, driven test piles, and installed temporary sheet piles as the initial steps in this phase of construction.

Bilbo Canal crane installing sheet pile 2.jpg
Bilbo Canal crane installing sheet pile.jpg
Gen Mc and Congress.jpg
President St Backfill and Temp Paving.jpg