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May 22

May 22, Update

Posted on May 22, 2015 at 1:12 PM by Saja Aures

Stabilization of the future roadway and utility lines to be installed continues along the project with initial surcharging efforts. Undercutting and removal of unsuitable soils and placement of geotextile fabric and select backfill material continues along the south side of President Street and portions of General McIntosh Boulevard.

Crews are wrapping up installation of a section of permanent 8” water main and section of 6” temporary water main to maintain service to businesses located on the south side of President Street during construction. These lines have now been installed, pressure tested, chlorinated, and put into service.

A separate crew has been installing a new 24” water main which runs through a steel casing underneath the new General McIntosh Boulevard. This future line will help to serve water to Hutchinson Island as well as areas east of downtown Savannah.

A third crew has been working on a water and sewer main which will run underneath the Truman Parkway just south of President Street. These water and sewer mains will eventually be installed from the Randolph Street and President Street intersection to east of the Truman Parkway as part of this overall project.

In addition to these efforts, a paving crew was available this past week to mobilize and pave Randolph Street (south of President Street). This section of roadway now has a new curb line and asphalt transition that will allow for better drainage of storm water from the streets. While on-site, the paving crew was also directed to provide a layer of asphalt over the abandoned railroad crossing located at the old General McIntosh and President Street intersection. This layer of asphalt should provide a more permanent fix to the potholes that were showing up there within President Street.