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May 07

May 7, 2015 Update

Posted on May 7, 2015 at 8:05 AM by Saja Aures

The main focus of work along the project in the past week has been the completion of Atlanta Gas Light’s (AGL’s) new 12” natural gas main outside of project conflicts, installation of new water mains on the south side of President Street, and continued installation of utility line casings for railroad crossings on the far east end of the project (either side of Truman Parkway).

AGL has completed the installation and all tie-ins for their new gas main.  This new main is now located to the outer limits of the project right-of-way which will allow crews to safely extend operations to other parts of the project that were restricted until the gas main was relocated.  Removal of AGL’s existing gas main is necessary due to conflicts with construction, but now that this line is “dead”, it can safely be removed.  This pipeline is scheduled for removal in the next week or two.

McLendon’s crews continue to make progress on the south side of President Street by installing the new 8” water main, manholes, valves, and fire hydrants.  At the same time, crews continue to haul in select fill material for elevating General McIntosh Boulevard and adjacent proposed utility corridor.   

A separate crew continues to work along the south side of President Street (either side of the Truman Parkway) installing steel casing beneath the railroad tracks found in this area of the project.  Installation of these steel casing will allow utility crews to run future water, sewer, and gas mains beneath these tracks without damaging the tracks or interruption of train operations along the tracks.

Rain during previous weeks has delayed the paving contractor, but he hopes to be back on schedule next week to pave Randolph Street (just south of President Street).