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Apr 30

April 30 Update

Posted on April 30, 2015 at 8:15 AM by Saja Aures

The main focus of work along the project in the past week has been at the Randolph and General McIntosh intersection as well as the far East end of the project.

Crews have been installing tie-ins to the water and sewer mains located in the Randolph and General McIntosh intersection.  A separate crew has been working on the east end of the project (south side of President St.) installing steel casing beneath the railroad spurs found in this location.  These steel casing are installed using a method known as “Jack and Bore”.  The steel casing will later be used to insert future water, sewer, and natural gas mains through them to cross below the rail road tracks without disturbing them. 

Atlanta Gas and Light (AGL) have continued to make progress with the relocation of their gas mains along the project.  This week they will be making final connections of the new gas main to the existing gas main running along President St. and General McIntosh Blvd.  AGL plans to have natural gas flowing along the new relocated gas main by the end of the week, allowing crews to remove sections of existing gas main out of the way of earthwork operations.  Once AGL’s gas main is relocated, crews will begin “undercutting” or removing unsuitable existing soils from areas along the project that will become new roadway.  As undercutting is occurring, trucked-in suitable material will be installed to take the place of the undercut material.

With the weather permitting, crews plan to pave Randolph Street (just south of President Street), Friday of this week, or first of next week.