The City of Savannah’s Plan is a self-funded group health plan.  The claims administration is provided through HPI and Quantum Health provides the coordination of benefits. The primary Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network for the City of Savannah is the Care Network which utilizes the St. Joseph’s / Candler Clinics and Hospitals.


Contact Information

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Care Coordinators

Healthcare can be confusing; your Care Coordinators are here to make it easier. Turn to your care coordinators for help with:

  • Benefits
  • Nurse Support
  • Claim Questions
  • Patient Advocacy 
  • In-Network Provider Assistance
  • Anything That Can Make the Healthcare Process Easier

Members may contact a Quantum Health Care Coordinator Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM to help with any questions you might have about your benefits. Care Coordinators can also help you find a provider, order a new ID card, and even transfer you to a nurse for questions about your treatment plan.

You can also visit the MyQHealth Member Portal at: or download the MyQHealth app and access your health plan benefits,, ID cards, provider listings, chat with a care coordinator and more. 

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Start Enjoying All The Support MyQHealth Has to Offer! 

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Medical Plan Benefits at a Glance 

The City offers two medical plan options to meet your individual needs. Both plans include free preventive care services (with in-network providers only) and a four-tier prescription drug plan. 

2022 Medical at a glance

For detailed medical plan benefits, please view the 2022 Medical Plan Schedule of Benefits and Medical Plan Document 


2022 Medical Plan Premiums

2022 Premium Rates


Sav4Health Medical Premium Incentive Program 

The City is committed to supporting employees who take the steps to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Employees that complete all four SAV4Health activities by November 15th will receive an estimated $1,000 reduction in medical premiums annually (SAV4HEALTH premium). 

Four Simple Steps To Earn The Wellness Incentive 

  1. Complete your Annual Check-Up with a Biometric Screening
  2. Report the Results of Your Annual Check-Up Visit and Biometric Screening 
  3. Complete Your Health Questionnaire
  4. Complete a Tobacco Affidavit

Click Here  to learn more about the Sav4Health incentive program and how you can save an estimated $1,000 annually!

Prescription Drug Coverage 

Express Scripts is the City of Savannah pharmacy drug provider; you mail fill your prescriptions at most pharmacies (Wal-Mart, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, etc.)  Your formulary offers a wide selection of clinically-sound, cost-effective generic and brand-name prescription drugs. The program includes a retail prescription plan and mail order for maintenance medications. At network pharmacies, your co-payment is determined by the tier on which the prescription is placed (Tier I, Tier I or Tier III). Tier IV is for Specialty drugs.

Prescription Drug Coverage


Save on Prescriptions 

If you take maintenance medications, you may order a 90-day supply through Express Scripts mail order service or at any CVS Retail Pharmacy and save money. By using mail order or 90-day at retail for maintenance medications, you can receive a 90-day supply at reduced co-pay.

express scripts

Manage Your Medicines Anywhere, Any Time with Express-Scripts.Com and The Express Scripts Mobile App  


  • More savings: Compare prices of medicines at multiple pharmacies. Get free standard shipping from the Express Scripts Pharmacy.
  • More convenience: Get up to 90-day supplies of your long-term medicine sent to your home. Order refills, check order status, and track shipments. Print forms and ID cards, if needed.
  • More confidence: Talk with a pharmacist from the privacy of your home any time, from anywhere. Find the latest information on your medicine, including possible side effects and interactions.
  • More flexibility: Download the Express Scripts mobile app to manage your medicines, find nearby pharmacies and use your virtual ID card while on the go.

Registering is safe and simple. Your information is secure and confidential. Go to, select Register or download the Express Scripts mobile app for free from your mobile device’s app store.


In-Network Urgent Care Centers 

Urgent care clinics are well-prepared to handle a wide array of pressing, but not life-threatening, health issues. St. Joseph/Candler Urgent Care Centers, from Georgia Emergency Associates is your in-network urgent care provider. The centers provide numerous services which includes stitches, X-rays, lab work, splinting, casts, shots, and assist with diagnosing colds, infections, allergic reactions, asthma and more. Urgent care co-pays are $15.00 (Plus Plan) or $20.00 (Basic Plan). 

If you or your dependent are not experiencing a medical emergency, consider visiting a St. Joseph’s/Candler Urgent Care Center. For your convenience, most centers are open on evenings and weekends and now offer virtual visits. To find a location near you or to schedule a virtual visit, go to 



How Do I Get a Replacement ID Card? 

Call the Care Coordinators at 1-866-360-7926 or visit your member portal at

Why Did I Receive this Bill? 

All members and dependents will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from UMR for the processing of all medical claims or you may access on  Review all EOBs before paying a bill from a provider to ensure the claim has been processed with the insurance.  Review the bottom of the EOB as you may need to verify with a Care Coordinator that you do not have secondary insurance.  If you need assistance or have a question about a claim, contact the Care Coordinators at 1-866-360-7926.  

Can I use my Flexible Spending Account (FSA) medical spending to pay for prescriptions? 

You can spend FSA funds on prescriptions, as well as over-the-counter medicines with a doctor's prescription or letter of medical necessity. Reimbursements for insulin are allowed without a prescription. FSAs may also be used to cover costs of medical equipment such as crutches, bandages, and diagnostic devices including blood testing devices. For the full list of eligible expenses  Click here .

Why does my Prescription Require a Pre-Authorization? 

Prescriptions for certain medications require a prior authorization, also known as a coverage review, to ensure the drug is safe, clinically appropriate and cost effective for your condition. The review uses both formulary and clinical guidelines to determine if the plan will pay for certain medicines. If your prescription requires a prior authorization, your doctor must submit a request for coverage review for approval.