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STVR Waiting List Form

  1. Any property owner wishing to apply for a non-owner occupied STVR certificate in the wards that have reached the 20% cap should submit the STVR Waiting List Form. The City will contact the wait list applicant when an opening in the ward occurs. The waiting list is maintained on a first-come, first serve basis.

    Please note that the City is currently processing application received prior to September 28, 2017. It is anticipated that additional wards may reach the per-ward cap.

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  6. Will the STVR be Owner Occupied?*
    Owner-occupied property refers to real property which contains one or more dwelling unit(s) where the principal dwelling unit must be occupied by the property owner and constitute his/her primary and usual place of residence. The dwelling units must share the Property Identification Number assigned by the Chatham County Board of Assessors. Proof of owner-occupancy requires proof of a valid homestead exemption submitted with the application for a short-term vacation rental certificate. In lieu of homestead exemption, a sworn affidavit and supporting documentation establishing proof of residency must be submitted by the applicant stating that the primary dwelling unit is the legal residence and domicile of the resident. Proof of residency is required in the form of two of the following: 1) a valid Georgia Driver’s License or Georgia Identification Card; 2) registration for vehicles owned by and registered in the name of the applicant; 3) Chatham County Voter’s Registration Card or 4) Previous year’s W-2 Form or Internal Revenue Service Tax Return.

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