Downtown Savannah is notable for the ease with which pedestrians can get around simply by walking. Mobility & Parking Services works with other city departments to help expand walkability throughout the city.

Fare Free Downtown Transit System

Learn about the free shuttle, streetcar and ferry system operating in the Historic District.


The City of Savannah is conducting two Complete Streets pilot projects in the Paradise Park and Hudson Hill/West Savannah neighborhoods. Complete Streets is a term used to describe a street design that accommodates all users: including cars, bicycles, pedestrians and public transportation. A desirable side effect of Complete Streets is the "traffic calming" effect that the designs have on the speeds of automobiles. In other communities it has been the case that by providing facilities to cyclists and pedestrians, the average traffic speed decreased to within the speed limit while accommodating the same number of automobiles at roughly similar travel times. This benefit is especially desirable on neighborhood streets.

For more information on the pilot projects and how to get involved, call Traffic Engineering at (912) 651-6603.


Savannah has a wonderful downtown for walking, but jaywalking in Savannah is dangerous. For this reason, many of the pedestrian crosswalks downtown have "talking" signals, and police officers are diligent about requiring pedestrians to use the appropriate facilities for crossing streets. Please enjoy yourself walking in Savannah's beautiful downtown, but be smart and stay safe!