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Mobility & Parking Services

Who needs a motor coach permit?

Permits are required for all motor coaches more than 34 feet in length touring and/or traveling within Savannah’s Historic District. The permitting process is used to assist operators navigate downtown and get to hotels, restaurants and destinations using the best routes and parking options.

Motor coaches must have one of the following permits:

  • Motor Coach Tour Permit: Issued for each motor coach touring the historicSavannah Historic District Skyline district to include the right to tour and use designated motor coach stops.
  • Transportation Permit: Issued for each motor coach entering the Historic District for the sole purpose of transporting passengers to and from hotels and restaurants. The permit includes the right to use designated motor coach tour stops in close proximity to a hotel or restaurant.
  • Multi-Day Combination Permit: This three day permit includes one day of touring with a registered guide and 72 hours of transporting passengers to and from hotels and restaurants on the day preceding the tour, during the day of the tour, and on the day following the tour.

What are the specific requirements for motor coaches that are touring?

Any motor coach touring the Historic District-using a Motor Coach Tour Permit or Multi-Day Combination Permit-must employ the services of a local tour guide. Per City ordinance, tour guides must submit preservation fees to the City for motor coach tours given in the Historic District.

Where are permits obtained?

Permits must be purchased through the Department of Mobility & Parking Services. The hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. located at:

Tri-Centennial Park Visitor Center
301 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Rear Parking Lot
Savannah, Georgia 31401

Motor coaches entering the Historic District on weekends, holidays or after 5 p.m. on weekdays must purchase permits at the Bryan Street Parking Garage located at:

Bryan Street Parking Garage
100 East Bryan Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401

Please note that all permits will be issued only when the application is completed and payment is received. You can choose to fill out our electronic Motor Coach Application or download a PDF Motor Coach Application. The City will not mail permits and no refunds are given. The Bryan St. Parking Garage accepts check or money order for payment.

If you have any questions, contact the Department of Mobility & Parking Services at 912-651-6468. On weekends, holidays or after 5 p.m. on weekdays contact the Bryan Street Parking Garage at 912-651-6477.

What are the traveling and parking restrictions?

Motor coaches are restricted from residential areas as designated on the Motor Coach Map. This includes areas south of Liberty Street except for one-way streets. Loading/Unloading and parking stands are restricted to certain areas.

After hours, motor coaches are encouraged to park at the Tricentennial Park Visitor Center Parking Lot.

What are the impacts of motor coaches in Savannah?

Motor coaches represent an important aspect of the tourism industry. In 2013, the City contracted with Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU) to better understand the economic impacts of the industry on Savannah. The result was a report called Motor Coach Tourism in Savannah.