Alcohol Review Committee

The City of Savannah’s Alcohol Review Committee – Where Efficiency and Engagement meets!  

The purpose of the Alcohol review Committee is to educate and guide new alcohol applicants, to ensure alcohol requirements are met in a timely manner. The Alcohol Review Committee will include City of Savannah employees and outside agencies. 

The Alcohol Review Committee has developed a customer – friendly streamlined process. This process will shorten the timeframe that your alcohol application is brought before The City of Savannah Mayor and City Council Members. 

This process is for recommendation only and does not guarantee approval by The City of Savannah Mayor and City Council Members.

Please follow the recommended step by step process to fulfill your obligations as a new alcohol applicant:

  • Please see the list of requirements located below to be completed 14 business days before your Alcohol Review Committee meeting. 
Alcohol Review Requirements

Obtain and Complete Alcohol Review Form  
Call (912-651-6445) or Email Megan Edwards with any questions.

Requests for alcohol licenses require an alcohol review prior to City Council’s consideration. The cost will be a $50.00 Non- Refundable Administrative Fee (NO CASH- Credit/Debit/Check Only) due at the time of your Alcohol Review Committee Date. This fee is utilized to offset the cost of this process.

Approval from Development Services (Building Permit issued) (912-651-6510, ext. 7784)

Approval from Development Services (Planning Urban and Design) (912-525-2783)

Savannah Police Department (ABC Unit) 
Click to Schedule a Site Visit with ABC
If the code section below pertains to you please call (912-651-6717)

Important:  A background check will be conducted by the Savannah Police Department during the alcohol license process.  Applicants and responsible parties must not have any felony convictions (guilty or nolo contendere) on their criminal record within the last 10 years, nor two or more misdemeanors (guilty or nolo contendere) on their record within the last two years (except traffic violations).  

See the City Code of Ordinances Section 6-1207 (b)(6) for details.  
Be advised that any pending charges that meet these criteria may be reported to City Council for review.  

Approved Plan Review from Environmental Health Department (DPH) (if applicable) (912-356-2160)

Approved Certificate from Department of Agriculture (if applicable) (229-386-3489)

Change of ownership must have legally taken place prior to inspection.

Businesses being licensed by Georgia Department Of Agriculture for a change of ownership:

  • 117 Retail Multi-Processor - Seasonal 
  • 118 Retail Multi-Processor RF 3 12 2 
  • 119 Retail/Wholesale Multi-Processor 
  • 120 Retail Fulfillment Center 
  • 121 Retail Fulfillment Center with Meat Market 
  • 122 Retail Fulfillment Center with Seafood, Deli, Bakery, Meat Market 
  • 123 Retail Fulfillment Center with Seafood, Deli, Meat Market 
  • 124 Retail Fulfillment Center with Seafood, Meat Market 
  • 125 Retail Fulfillment Center with Deli, Meat Market 
  • 126 Retail Fulfillment Center with Bakery, Meat Market 
  • 127 Retail Fulfillment Center with Deli, Bakery, Meat Market 
  • 128 Retail Fulfillment Center with Deli 
  • 129 Retail Fulfillment Center - Repacker

Approval from Savannah Fire Marshal office ((912-644-5960)

Met with Neighborhood Association assigned near your establishment (if applicable) (912-651-6520)

Schedule a site visit with Code Compliance Department  (912-651-6770)

-Regarding the requirements, if you need guidance with the requirements, the Alcohol Review Committee will educate and guide you with the requirements needed, and you will have an opportunity to communicate with each department involved in the alcohol application process.

 (48 -72 hours in advance).

  • Please understand that a non- refundable Alcohol Review fee of $50 must be paid in full

        (Credit/Debit/ Check only- No Cash) at the Alcohol Committee Date of your choice.

  • Please understand that only if you have met each department’s requirements, you will receive an Alcohol License Application along with your standing City Council date. 

 Please note- The Alcohol Application must be completed and turned in within ten (10) business days after the committee meeting date by 12 noon to The City of Savannah Department of Revenue along with associated fees