Water Conservation with Blade

Hello, I'm Bade, a common grass in every lawn in town. I require more water that any other plant in the landscape, with the exception of some ornamentals.. The City of Savannah Water Resources Department picked me to represent a new campaign to reduce the square footage of lawns in the area over the next 5 years. Why me? This Blade is green and tired of the boring, monochromatic world. I'm thirsty for some variety and I'm over drowning in fertilizers and chemicals that contaminate our water resources.

There are many negatives to lawns but so many positives to the alternative. I am looking forward to sharing tips and ideas to make your yards lawn free, spectacularly unique, and benefit the environment.

Stay tuned.....The next update will be on July 14th.

For more information please contact Laura Walker at 912.651.2221.

Blade OGThis is a short video on the history of lawns

History of Lawns