At-Home Arts Activities

Art can happen anywhere, and often with everyday materials! These visual and performing arts activities from the Savannah Cultural Arts Center are designed to inspire your creativity and can be adjusted for all ages.
Each project includes detailed instruction cards and/or videos.

Connect the Dots: Playwriting Activity

Create your own mini! Using a script that has the first and last sentence of a conversation filled in, writing a scene that connects the dots. Love what you wrote – act it out!

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Use tissue paper to create watercolor stains with this simple at-home art project! All you need is tissue paper, paper, and a means to wet the paper like a spray bottle or sponge.

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With this beginner improv activity, the dinner guest possibilities are endless! Take turns acting out characters from our prompt list or make your own! Fun for families and all ages.

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String Pull Abstract Art

String Pull Art creates surprise abstract prints that are quick, easy, and fun for all ages! All you need is string, paint, and paper. This project makes great art but also unique cards or wrapping paper!

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How-to: Character Development

How do actors become their character? This imagination-engaging activity helps beginning actors learn and practice character development skills. 
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How-to: Coffee Stain Abstract Art

Here’s a fun way to use up a little extra black coffee for an abstract art activity with no wrong answers, no special tools needed, and it is fun for kids and adults!

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How-to: Tape Resist Painting

Learn how to use painters tape to create fun designs, letters, or even just really straight lines! This simple craft is a fun way to engage your creativity and is suitable for all ages.

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How-to: Build-A-Story Improv

Use your imagination to build a story in this introduction to improv activity. Simple icon tiles and game variations are provided in this instruction sheet!
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How-to: 3D Paper Card

Learn how to turn paper hearts into a one-of-a-kind gift or work of art! This instruction sheet will help you learn the basics, then let your imagination take it from there.
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