Brittany Rawl

Learning and Development
Title: Learning & Development Coordinator

Brittany Rawl is a Learning and Development Coordinator, working in her aspired career field to positively impact professional development experiences for City of Savannah employees. With many years of providing learning and development programs for Military Child and Youth Services, Chatham County Reentry and Social Services, Gateway Behavioral Health Services, and community development for City of Savannah Human Services, she received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management at the University of Phoenix and continued to attain a Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education & Training. Certifications/certificates include Everything DiSC, Virtual Facilitation, Customer Service Experience Professional and ATD Coaching. As a native of Savannah, Ga., she is determined to raise her family, volunteer to support families through the National CASA program, and maintain a career in the community she grew up in and loves. During her free time she dabbles in health and wellness coaching through her business B-Shock Fitness and also offers learning and development consulting for newly established

sole proprietorships. She enjoys singing, scrapbooking, traveling, studying socioeconomics, and spending priceless moments with her husband and children.


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