Economic Development Department


801 E. Gwinnett St.
Savannah, GA 31401

(912) 652-3582

(912) 651-3175

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The mission of the Economic Development Department is to facilitate economic development activities that foster a strong local economy, spur business and job growth, and provide for a better quality of life in Savannah.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dominguez, Manuel Sr. Director 912-652-3582 x 8956  
Lumpkin-Lotson, MarRonde Business Opportunity Manager 912-652-3582 x 1878  
Gibbs, DeAnni Small Business Opportunity Coordinator 912-652-3582 x 2959  
Ravelo, Salimary Contract Compliance Coordinator 912-652-3582 x 1935  
Biathrow, Carl Business Development Coordinator 912-652-3582 x 1619  
Keller, Connie Community Projects Coordinator 912-652-3582 x 2957  
Castle, Teal Community Projects Technician 912-652-3582 x 1677