Get the SAV4Health Premium Incentive

As healthcare costs continue to rise, we strive to offer competitive health benefits to take care of you and your family. A successful wellness program is a win-win — it means our employees are improving their well-being, and we are one step closer to managing rising health insurance costs.

This program encourages employees to complete four wellness activities during the current plan year in order to earn significant savings (estimated $1,000) on their medical premiums for the next plan year. 

Wellness Activities in Four Simple Steps!

Wellness Activities completed in 2023 will be applied to the qualifying employees 2024 medical premiums. Those rewards will be significant for employees who take ownership of their health and wellness by completing the SAV4Heath program. (New hires hired after July 1st in the calendar year will receive the SAV4Health rate for the following year.  However, you must complete your wellness activities the following calendar year by November 15th in order to maintain your SAV4Health premium differential).

To earn the wellness incentive for the next plan year, employees must meet the four program goals:

1.    Complete your Annual Check-Up with a Biometric Screening

2.    Report the results of your Annual Check-Up visit and biometric screening

3.    Complete your Health Questionnaire

4.    Complete a Tobacco Affidavit

Step 1: Annual Check-Up with a Biometric Screening

Schedule your Annual Check-Up and Biometric Screening with your PCP 

  • Your doctor may have you come in for your screening (lab work) before your check-up.  During your check up, you will need to take the Biometric Health Screening Results Form with you and ask the provider to complete it. If you do not take a PCP form with you, you will need to request a copy of your lab results from your doctor.  See Step 2 about how to self-enter this information online.

Step 2:  Report your results

Log onto or the MyQHealth Mobile Appquantum app

  • Enter the date of your annual check-up. Click the link to enter your biometric screening results.  Use the information on the Biometric Form or a copy of your lab results that you received from your PCP.  If you need assistance, you can call your Care Coordinator at 1 (866) 360-7926.

Step 3: Health Questionnaire

Complete your Health Questionnaire 

  • Online: 
  • Calling your Care Coordinator:  1-866-360-7926
  • MyQHealth Mobile App (In the App store or Google Play search for “My Health - Care Coordinators”)

Step 4:  Tobacco Affidavit

Certify you are tobacco free or ready to enroll and complete a tobacco quit program. 

  • The City's health plan covers the cost of the program at 100%. Complete the Tobacco Affidavit online at, or the MyQHealth App, or  by calling your Care Coordinator at 1-866-360-7926. 

If you certify that you will continue to use tobacco without enrolling in a tobacco quit program, you will not qualify for the SAV4Health incentive and you will be charged the standard rate for your health insurance.

If you have questions regarding the SAV4Health wellness activities, contact your 

Care Coordinators at 1-866-360-7926.