ICMA Veterans Local Government Management Fellowship

On February 10, 2021, the City of Savannah was approved as a host for the ICMA Veterans Local Government Management Fellowship Program. This program is designed to provide hands on skills and mentorship to transitioning service members who want to continue to serve in local government and is at no cost to the organization. This program will focus on those at the mid to senior level in their careers. Fellows are matched with surrounding local government sponsors based on skills, education, experience and the preference of both parties. ICMA has three cohorts per year: Cohort 01: January –April, Cohort 02: May-August and Cohort 03: September - December. Participants must have a Bachelor’s degree and three years of leadership experience OR Associate’s Degree with five years of leadership experience OR be enrolled in a program which will result in a higher education degree within three years. Participants must have strong desire to pursue a career in local government.

The City will provide Fellows with mentoring sessions, assist with resume/interview practice, provide a broad range of exposure to various local government departments OR a focused exposure in one area, offer the opportunity to perform project work and provide educational and professional development opportunities as available. Fellows that participate in the program should receive a workplan that is specialized, rotational or project based:

• Specialized – Designed to support the fellow’s goals to learn more about one department in which the fellow works in that department the entire time.

• Rotational – The fellow spends 2- 4 weeks in different departments to gain a broad overview of how a town/city/county government operates.

• Project Based – The fellow is assigned different projects as needed throughout the organization

Positions that qualified for the ICMA fellowship will be posted on our website here.

Fellowship Flyer