How to Read Your Water Bill and Meter

Your Bill

There are several important things to know about reading your utility bill:

1. While most residents refer to it as their water bill, it is actually a bill for water, sewer, trash, and recycling services that are provided for residents by the City of Savannah; and

2. You are billed for these utilities bi-monthly, or once every two months. So if you want to calculate your monthly costs it will be half of your bill.

Water Bill

Your Meter

Use this excellent guide to help you read your meter:

The City of Savannah offers some of the most affordable drinking water in the Southeast. The Floridan Aquifer and Savannah River, where we get our drinking water from, are our common resources that we all have a right to access and a responsibility to protect. The fee for water charged by the City of Savannah is for the service of collecting the water, treating it to be clean and safe to drink, and piping it to your home. Similarly, the sewer fee covers piping sewer from your home to the treatment plant where it is cleaned and put safely back into the environment to be used again.