Medicine Cabinet Cleanout

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Savannah’s Medicine Cabinet Cleanout Program allows citizens a way to properly dispose of unused medications (human and/or pet) and personal care products.

Proper disposal is critical!

The impacts of improper disposal occur in our water resources. Recently small amounts of substances used in medications for pain, depression, colds, and birth control have been detected in many rivers across the United States. To date research has not demonstrated a direct impact on human health. Yet, studies have shown impacts to aquatic life such as fish and amphibians.

There are two easy ways to properly dispose of your unwanted medications:

1. The Drug Drop Box located in the lobby of Police Headquarters - 201 Habersham Street


2. Mailer Option - Call 912-651-2221 and request special envelopes to mail off your medications - the postage is already paid.

Both methods are free and confidential. To learn more or request envelopes call Water Resources at 912.651.2221.