Transfers can be made by the owner or owners of a lot, or we rely on notarized statements from the heirs that they are the sole survivors.  If it is found that there are other heirs, then we rely on the following:

  • A Will from the deceased owner.
  • Power of Attorney. (living)
  • The executor of the estate
  • Notarized statements from all surviving heirs stating they do not object to the transfer.

Cemetery Lot/Burial Rights Transfer Application

No Objections to Cemetery Lot Transfer Statement


Citizens can petition City Council through the Clerk of Council. Petition requests include the following: 

  • damage claims; 
  • purchases of property
  • annexations
  • miscellaneous  

There is no fee to file a petition (except for certain types of petitions, like encroachments or others which contain processing fees; see those specific forms for the current fees).

There is a $0.10 per page charge for copies of records, pursuant to State Open Records Act laws. 

Petition Form (Annexations, Damage Claims, Miscellaneous)


It is the purpose and intent of the Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah to protect and safeguard the right and opportunity of all persons to be free from all forms of discrimination, including discrimination based on actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, marital status, familial status, or veteran/military status. The Council's purpose in enacting this ordinance is to promote the public health and welfare of all persons who live and work in the City of Savannah. It is important for the City to ensure that all persons within the City have equal access to employment, housing, and public accommodations.  Pursuant to City Ordinance adopted by the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, please see the form provided below.

Complaint Form - Unlawful Discrimination