Transfers can be made by the owner or owners of a lot, or we rely on notarized statements from the heirs that they are the sole survivors.  If it is found that there are other heirs, then we rely on the following:

  • A Will from the deceased owner.
  • Power of Attorney. (living)
  • The executor of the estate
  • Notarized statements from all surviving heirs stating they do not object to the transfer.

Cemetery Lot/Burial Rights Transfer Application

No Objections to Cemetery Lot Transfer Statement


Citizens can petition City Council through the Clerk of Council. Petition requests include: damage claims; and, purchases of property.  There is no fee to file a petition (except encroachment processing fees; see forms for current fees).  There is a $0.10 per page charge for copies of records, pursuant to State Open Records Act laws. 

Petition Form (Damages, Claims, Miscellaneous)