Parking Matters Study



The development of this Plan is a collaborative effort between the CORE MPO, through the Chatham County- Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC), and the City of Savannah. This plan will:

  • Identify the existing conditions with regards to parking supply and demand in greater downtown
  • Incorporate feedback and suggestions for improving existing parking and transportation mobility options in Savannah from members of the community
  • Develop strategies for Downtown Savannah’s parking and transportation system that bolster economic development, provide mobility options, and enhance the overall quality for life for residents, employees, and visitors alike
  • This page features news and information about Parking Matters and will be updated regularly to keep, keeping our partners in the community updated on its progress.

Study Technical Reports

The Parking Matters study has produced a series of technical reports on existing conditions, policy analysis and recommended strategic directions. They have been developed so that each covers a particular technical topic. The study team followed state and local agency requirements for how these were documented, and they are presented here so that together they help to understand background and reasoning for recommendations. The study team encourages you to review them in this order so that the story makes sense:

Existing conditions of the parking and transportation system

Current levels of Parking Use

Analysis of Policy and Community Character

Summary of Public Involvement

Recommended Strategies

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Thanks for your input!

On April 14th 2015, Parking Matters held its first community workshop at the Coastal Georgia Center. At the workshop, a host of interactive stations and opportunities to provide feedback were offered, including boards to write down questions and comments particular to parking and mobility in Savannah, maps of Savannah’s parking inventory, and a “confessional” booth to share your stories.


In addition to holding the community workshop, the Parking Matters team gave a progress update at a Savannah City Council workshop. The team also met with representatives from the Downtown Neighborhood Association, the Downtown Business Association, Chatham Area Transit, and the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority.

Community Workshop Findings



Thanks to all who provided hundred of comments and new ideas on how to improve parking and transportation around Downtown Savannah! As the Parking Matters team continues to collect and analyze data, your comments will prove instrumental in creating the strategic plan. Here are some initial findings.

At the workshop, multiple poster maps of Downtown Savannah’s parking inventory were laid out for the public to draw and comment on. Participants highlighted their opinions and observations specific to locations all across the project study area.


Public Project Schedule v1.jpg.png

Click on the Map Below to View the Parking and Mobility Study Area Map