How will a participant get to the program?

Youth participants enrolled in school (within Savannah city limits) may be transported from school to the program site by a city vehicle. Parents or guardians must contact the school to authorize the release of their child to us. Transportation is limited; therefore, the minimum pick-up is two students per school. Therapeutic Staff can pick up adult participants from the EmployAbility Center; a large percentage of the participants work there and participate in the program. However, we will explore more options at other worksites if enough participants are picked up within the city limits. Parents/Guardians/caregivers may also transport participants to and from our programs. 

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1. How can I enroll in your program?
2. How old must I be to participate in the Therapeutic program?
3. Do I have to apply each quarter or session?
4. What kind of activities do you provide, and where are they held?
5. Where will I pick my child up after daily activities?
6. What medical forms do I need to provide?
7. What are the hours of operation?
8. Can therapeutics program participants also participate in the Special Olympic Events?
9. How will a participant get to the program?