What kind of activities do you provide, and where are they held?

We provide activities to go with the season.

  • Athletic activities include - bowling, softball with softball skills, basketball with basketball skills, bocce, volleyball, swimming, tennis, and kickball. 
  • Social and cultural activities include - activities with Telfair Museum and Cultural Resources, painting, arts & crafts, bingo, trivia, summer camp, and dance. 
  • We hold a Spring Fling Fun Field Day as well as a Holiday Dinner & Dance. 
  • Participants can participate in the Special Olympics. 
  • We work on developing social and cognitive skills.
  • Depending on the season, we use Paulsen & Minick Softball complex, Chatham County Aquatic Center, AMF (Victory) Bowling Lanes, Lake Mayer, the Savannah Civic Center, and other parks and playgrounds. 

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1. How can I enroll in your program?
2. How old must I be to participate in the Therapeutic program?
3. Do I have to apply each quarter or session?
4. What kind of activities do you provide, and where are they held?
5. Where will I pick my child up after daily activities?
6. What medical forms do I need to provide?
7. What are the hours of operation?
8. Can therapeutics program participants also participate in the Special Olympic Events?
9. How will a participant get to the program?